Celebrities Demonstrate Their Support towards Presidential Campaigns by Yarely Vergara

1 Dec

Election Day is only a couple of days away. This means that campaigns are pushing as much as possible and Americans are preparing themselves for the big decision.   This year’s Presidential election has nearly all Americans wondering who will win and who our next President will be. With predictions being extremely close they will have to wait and see. Not only do ordinary Americans show their support for their favorite candidate, but so do some of the most famous celebrities.

To begin with, many celebrities have been Obama advocates ever since he ran for office back in 2008. A world-class singer that recently devoted her and her dress to Obama was Katy Perry. Katy Perry sang at the POTUS in Las Vegas for a rally in Obama’s honor and not only that but she attended a luxurious dinner with the First Lady, Michelle Obama. A famous actress that has been with Obama since the start is Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett took the podium in support of Obama in Washington D.C. in September. Scarlett was quite impressed with the President because he unlike any other president actually responded to her email and she appreciated this gesture greatly. She is very fond of him and she proudly demonstrates her support towards him. Beyonce and Jay-Z are the world’s most influential couple and they also support Obama. The couple hosted an Obama campaign in Jay-Z’s club, which consisted of a $40,000 plate. The celebrity couple has a close friendship with the President and the First Lady. These are among the few celebrities that are Obama supporters, in this upcoming election.

Secondly, Mitt Romney has been given a great deal of criticism throughout the election however; celebrities continue to support him. Perhaps the most visible supporter of Romney is Clint Eastwood. Clint Eastwood spoke at the Republican Convention in August in support of Romney. Throughout the speech Clint Eastwood gave he spent his time talking to an empty chair that he pretended was Obama. Another Hollywood star that made it clear she is a Romney supporter is actress Stacey Dash. Stacey publicized on Twitter that she was supporting the Romney campaign by tweeting, “Vote for Romney”. Immediately after she tweeted this she received tweets full of hate and criticism however; that did not stop her. Stacey later admitted that Paul Ryan called her up to thank her for the support. A final celebrity that supports Mitt Romney and is proud of it is Donald Trump. Donald Trump is quite controversial when is comes to this topic and is not afraid to speak his mind. Trump has always criticized Obama however; he has also criticized Mitt Romney. After his critics he admitted that Romney is a terrific guy and that he is exactly what America needs. Hollywood stars are not afraid of showing their support for Mitt Romney and will continue to do so.

All in all, Election Day has arrived and there must be a winner. The future of the United States lies in the hands of American citizens. Celebrities have proved that they are willing to support their preferred presidential candidates whether they are worldwide singers or Oscar winning actresses and actors.


2 Responses to “Celebrities Demonstrate Their Support towards Presidential Campaigns by Yarely Vergara”

  1. Ixel Villanueva December 2, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

    Hi Yarely, I really enjoyed reading your paper. I think you added some very great facts about the campaigns. I had no idea that there were so many celebrities involved in politics. Good job, it was interesting and I enjoyed it very much.

  2. Paulette Lopez December 3, 2012 at 3:44 am #

    Yarely, you did a great job in this article. There is a lot of celebrities that are actually into politics and I bet a lot of people didn’t know that. This article is very informative and interesting in letting us know about what celebrities think of the presidential campaign. I really enjoyed reading this article.

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