“Brown and Round” by Will Sasser

1 Dec

This past Wednesday was our very first senior munch for the 2012-2013 school year. Everybody was dressed in ridiculous costumes and was excited to have an amazing time. There was an amazing breakfast followed by an amazing hypnotist. For breakfast there was bacon, rolls, eggs, and potatoes. It was delicious. We then watched the hypnotist to perform his show. I have seen hypnotist shows in the past at the OC Fair, so I already had an idea what the show would consist of. The hypnotist had twenty-five students come up and he put them all into a sleep and made them do funny things. He had everyone use their shoe was a telephone and their celebrity crush was on the other end. They were so deep into the hypnosis that the contestants became super emotional throughout the duration of their conversations. He then had Andre and Taylor think they lost their butts so they described what they looked like and then search for it. Andre said that his butt was “brown and round.” Everyone thought that was the most hysterical phrase ever. The hypnotist was even cracking up after Andre said that. The rest of his show was spectacular. He made the audience laugh so hard that all we could talk about for the rest of the week was the senior munch and how funny the show was. Hopefully the next senior munch will be as good as this one was.


One Response to ““Brown and Round” by Will Sasser”

  1. Brickelle Prochnow December 2, 2012 at 8:16 pm #

    Oh my goodness will this is the best thing ever! I totally agree with you…that senior munch was amazing! Even just reading your weekly paper made me remember the great time we all had. That phrase will never be let go of…poor Andre.

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