Brain Boosting For the Grades by Sage Rowe

1 Dec
Among the many students out there, the world has shown us how we mustto be in order to succeed; we have to be diligent, hardworking, and unyielding to slack off for even one assignment.  And with everyone striving to have the better grades and have the more extra-curricular activities, the competitiveness of the academic community has never been more of an “all out brawl” as it is today.
            Surprisingly, due to the incredible amount of stress and workload being put on the students thriving to become successful, some students have even resorted to the drug morphine, to increase their memory when it comes to the big tests.  On a smaller note, Adderall and Ritalin have also been seen being used on a regular basis.  As smart as these young scholars are, they either very ignorant or oblivious to the dangerous side effects that result from using these brain boosting drugs.
            Scientists have discovered that by increasing the blood flow to the brain, you can process more information better and can ultimately result in increasing short term and long term memory.  Scientists have called this phenomenon, cognation.  Cognation helps the brain memorize and focus on whatever important project are assigned to its task.  And with the world being as distracting and scatterbrain encouraging as it is, it doesn’t hurt to have the ability to zone out all those distractions.
            But there has to be other ways for one to better prepare their mind for a hard night at the books.  After all the old greats minds of the world had to do this, even before this technique was invented.  For example, one way to increase brain efficiency is to make sure you stay well hydrated and make sure you have a well-balanced healthy breakfast, this will give more energy to the body, thus increasing the depth you mind will dig in order to find the answers.

One Response to “Brain Boosting For the Grades by Sage Rowe”

  1. Erika Vazquez December 3, 2012 at 1:36 am #

    i found this article really intersting because I think any student can relate to this. I also like the way you put it together, it’s really well organized and it seems like you put alot of though in writing this.

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