Bob Marley; His Way to Success by Erika Vazquez

1 Dec

Bob Marley born Robert Nesta Marley lived in a rural community of Nine Miles. Nine Miles had many traditional customs from their African ancestry, one of the customs that was the most popular was the art of story-telling their past and traditions by singing and playing their instruments; that most historical resources would keep out. This would later influence Bob Marley in his songwriting career. Marley began his singing with his childhood friends he had in the Trench Town that they lived in. Marley and his friend Bunny Wailer began to take vocal classes with a local resident, Joe Higgs. Joe Higgs was a successful singer who would also mentor young singers and teach them the idea of rhythm, melody and harmony. The boys would spend most of their days with Higgs recording and creating new music. The boys were a huge success. Later, they also introduced more group members to the group. They became known as Bob Marley and The Wailers. Many people enjoyed the soulful harmonies that they played. By 1968 they started to play a slower pace and rock steady sound, which became Jamaica’s reggae signature. By then The Wailers and Bob Marley were a huge hit, they had many successful songs that people all over the world loved.

By 1973 the group had many songs that were popular all around the world. Many of which were also ranked in Billboards top 100. Unfortunately some of the group members decided to leave the Wailers because they felt like they didn’t get much recognition for their work, but even with this Marley traveled to places such as Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia to perform his songs.. Many of his songs were very influential, they described the time that he was living at the moment. Many of his songs were also influenced by racism and the struggle of liberation. Some such as, “Survival”, “Wake up and Live” and “Zimbabwe” and of course many more. He liked to sing about peace and the war, politics and everything else that was happening in the world. People enjoyed his songs and many were influenced by them. Till this day, people still use his songs as a way to fight. For example, when occupy Wall Street took place people were singing to “Get up Stand up” a song which talks about standing up for your rights.

Overall, Bob Marley has become a legend generations later. People all over the world know of him and sing along to his songs, it said even non English speaking countries sing to Bob Marley’s songs and are huge fans of his as well. He was so great and so legendary that the people in LA pronounced on August 6th the official Bob Marley.


3 Responses to “Bob Marley; His Way to Success by Erika Vazquez”

  1. Sara Guibert December 2, 2012 at 9:47 pm #

    I really enjoyed reading your essay Erika. It was really interesting because I have always loved Bob Marley. There was some interesting things in here that I did not know about. This is one of my favorites so far!

  2. Taylor Harris December 3, 2012 at 3:19 am #

    I thought your essay was really good Erika. Most people only know of Bob Marley, reggae genius, but you’ve enlightened all of us on who he really is.

  3. Kenny Hershberger December 3, 2012 at 5:32 am #

    I love Bob Marley. I watched the documentary about him called ‘Marley’, and it opened me up to the struggles he over came and more about his life. Just like your essay, great job!

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