Blessings in Disguise by Megan Yount

1 Dec

Many people do not realize that working hard may be hard work but it really is a blessing. Some people do not have the privilege to work hard due to disabilities or even oppurtunity. As we grow up we are taught to work hard and diligently. Russell Honore was told that working hard really was a privilege, but it took him many years to really understand and appreciate his job. Russell grew up on a farm, milking cows every day during the week. Working tedious hours on his parents’ farm he complained to his grandfather about working so hard. His grandfather told him, “Ya know, boy, working is a blessing.” It was not until many years later he fully understood what his grandfather meant. Russell went on a trip to Bangladesh where he saw a women with a baby on her back breaking bricks in half with just her bare hands and a hammer, working like there is no tomorrow. Russell proceeded to ask a Bangladesh official why they did not just use equipment rather than her working so hard. The man explained that that woman would not have a job if they were to replace her job with machinery; she would be unable to provide for her small family. As Russell continued on his journey in Bangladesh he saw many women that were working hard to put food on the table for their families just like the woman he had witnessed earlier in his tour. Russell realized that having a job and being able to work hard is a gift and a blessing.


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