Benefits of a Pet by Michael Ribaudo

1 Dec
 Lots of families like to have pets around the house. Some have dogs, or cats, hamsters, birds, fish, or even turtles. Everyone likes something non-human to love along with the family. So personally, I think having pets around the house will ultimately boost a family’s relationship.
            When a family Gets frustrated at each other, they will of course be in a bad mood. What could help better than a cute little doggy jumping on someone’s lap and playing with them? They would have to have sold their soul to the devil to not get a smile from that. In the end, someone will either forget about that frustration, or let it calm down a bit so that they can calmly discuss the issue at hand. Another thing, as a family, it will feel good to be adding another member to the family. In some cases, having a pet could sometimes start a family by inspiring parents to want to have a baby. People like to bring together families in larger numbers, so adding a pet to the family would boost the love that bit much more. One last thing, having a pet and trying to train it would bring a family together. Nothing is more fun than trying to train your pet with the family, and laughing about how entertaining and crazy the pet can be. The best part about that, if you succeed, you are not only proud of the pet for learning new things, you are proud of yourself and your family for doing it successfully.
            If someone is a part of a family, or in the future they would want to start a family, having a pet would be highly recommended. Treating something with love will boost your affection towards each other, and I can promise that.

One Response to “Benefits of a Pet by Michael Ribaudo”

  1. quauhtli December 3, 2012 at 2:40 am #

    I completely agree with this article. I also believe that having a pet in the house allows the family to have a better relationship. And speaking from the perspective of a household with a pet, I can say that when I felt that my entire family was mad at me the one thing that made me happy instantly was my dog.

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