Beatle’s Inspiration by Sydney Hubbard

1 Dec

Recently I watched the movie “Across the Universe”, the musical is based off of the 1970’s hippie movement within the Vietnam War; and features all of the best Beatles songs. Within the movie the characters find who they truly are and each character discovers themselves more as an individual. The Beatles music has a very unique style to it. Not only were they the biggest band around the 70’s, but even still today people play their music more than ever before. People who have grown up and listen to their music today, I feel has grown individually as well. I feel myself have grown from listening to their music and finding the message they were trying to send. When watching the movie it made me think; how would it be growing up in that time and seeing how many people have inspired so many others just because of music. The reason I think people have grown because of their music is because in all of their music they talk about coming together and being yourself. The whole movie showed everyone getting together for something they all loved, through each of the popular songs of The Beatles.  I think people who listen to it today, and even back then all have a sense of love for their music and what it did to the generation then and even today. The Beatles’ lyrics remind others that no matter what you should always  be there for one of another. The songs teach people to not be afraid of growing up and to not be afraid of giving as much as one needs. I think everyone can come together and feel like they are special by getting inspiration through music from The Beatles.


2 Responses to “Beatle’s Inspiration by Sydney Hubbard”

  1. Sarah Rogers December 3, 2012 at 3:32 am #

    I can really relate to the things outlined in your paper, Sydney. Sometimes when I’m listening to music, really feeling a beat, or even watching an intense movie, i feel inspired. I really think that music is a coping mechanism, and can help you through any situation. I relate a lot to the Beatles music as well, and Across the Universe is probably the sickest movie ever. Really well written too!

  2. Cristina La Fornara December 3, 2012 at 7:00 am #

    Sydney, I totally agree! The Beatles were one of the best music groups in the 70’s with such inspirational music and a good message. They have still had such an impact on the society then and still do now. It is nice to hear them play all around the world. They never seem to get old with their care free way of living in which took their minds of the war. And Across the Universe was a really awesome movie, and was defiantly very well written like sarah said.

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