Bailout No More by Will Greubel

1 Dec
The complex global economy our world operates through brings many countries to their knees in hard times. But just like any other company no country wants to fail. A failure brings the moral of those people who live in the country down. Spain is soon to receive a bailout to keep it’s country afloat. The Spanish can no longer keep their failing system alive and ask the world for help. I believe that failure is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.
Greece recently just received a bailout. The help they received saved a global catastrophe but gave a second chance to a failure. The consequence would be devastating but no benefit can come about if the receiving end of the bailout doesnt learn its lesson. Spain wants the same treatment. Their economy has taken a hit and needs capitol to stay alive. How many times can the world afford this. It seems that all countries are in some kind of deficit. Ultimately leading to a bailout. Borrowing money can only last so long until the time comes to pay it back. Spain should not receive this bailout to prove to the other irresponsible nations that the world no longer supports failures. Every business needs a reality check at some point. The U.S. set the standard to bailouts by bailing out GM. Although it did save millions of jobs the U.S. failed to make a safe investment by replacing the management. Management stayed and no new changes came about to the company. Investing into failure never works out well. The only way to move forward is to focus on what is working, not on what had worked before.
A failed state needs to accept their fate. It is not the job of the world to come and reimburse a country irresponsible spending. Every person, business, and state should b treated alike. The only way to move forward is to put effort into what is working and what  can succeed.

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