B.B. King by Chase Woollett

1 Dec

In most peoples lives music is not only something you listen to, but is a work of art that fills a persons soul with emotion.  It is what makes a person rock their head or jump up and down or throw a fist pump in the air.  Music brings out an individuals true form, and their view on life and the world around them.  However, the world would not have any of this music if it were not for B.B. King.  Born on September 16, 1925, Riley B. King became one of the greatest blues performers of all-time and a primary model for rock guitarists.  King began his work in the music industry as a disc jockey under the name “The Beale Street Blues Boy”.  Soon after it was shortened to B.B.  By the time 1949 rolled around “The King of Blues” had recorded his very first record and began his journey to the top of the charts.  King averaged 300 shows annually over 30 years and became the biggest blues hit in the whole world.  If King had ever been given a guitar the world would cease to have the music that it has today.  King influenced guitarists from the acid king Jimi Hendrix to the rocking cowboy Stevie Ray Vaughan and more.  His musical style can be seen in almost every musician today.  A museum is even dedicated to B.B. King for his musical achievements and the musicians that inspired him.  Today King celebrates his eighty-seventh birthday and continues to influence the musicians of tomorrow.


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