All About Lucy by Yvette Apatiga

1 Dec

Hollywood’s most beloved red-head, Lucille Ball, was the perfect comedy actress even to this day. She helped upgrade production in the television industry as well as comedy acting.

Born on August 6th, 1911 in Jamestown, NY, Lucille had a tough childhood. Her first memory was the fact her father had passed, and step-father separated her from her mom for a few years. She reunited with her mom, and asked if she could attend a New York drama school. During the time in John Murray Anderson School for Dramatic Arts, she was a bit shy, and didn’t want to bring herself too much attention, which doesn’t help for acting. The school said Lucille is wasting time and money, but she still completed the school. After that, she worked as a model for a while until she moved to Hollywood and found a few acting jobs.

Still hopeful about her career and married to Desi Arnaz, Lucille got her big break by receiving the lead role of a radio comedy. Soon, Lucille and Desi created an act similar to I Love Lucy and performed it on the road. CBS was interested in the show and offered them a contract. The show aired in Hollywood and was filmed in their new founded production company, Desilu Production., I Love Lucy aired on October 15, 1951.

The sitcom became America’s most watched television program. Audiences adored Lucille’s brilliant performance. The bravery she had to overcome her shyness may have been difficult to grasp but worth it. Unfortunately, I Love Lucy ended after a successful six-year run, but she still produced well known television hits.

When Lucille divorced Desi Arnaz, she became the first women in charge of a production company and was given the International Radio and Television Society’s Gold Medal. Also, Lucille Ball won four Emmys, and a title in the Television Hall of Fame.

Currently, I Love Lucy is still able to achieve a grand audience across America. Lucille helped shape comedy sitcoms to how we know them today; she became successful and many look up to her.


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