Ágætis Byrjun by Joe Barrios

1 Dec

Sigur Rós is an Icelandic group of talented artists that play post rock, ambient music. One of their albums, Ágætis Byrjun (A Good Beginning), features a drawing of a baby with unusual fantasy-like features. The baby, assuming it’s still in the womb because of its umbilical chord, has the head shape of your average alien figure, as well as angelic wings. It is also very think looking and has 6 toes on its feet. The drawing itself, despite the unusual form of the baby, is oddly pretty and gives off vibes if delicacy and purity. The drawing was edited so that the background is a dark blue color with a very thin layer of white, and the baby is a very bright, yet soft white. The white in the artwork gives the viewer the feeling of purity and freshness, while the dark blue gently adds the comfort of tranquility, as well as a hint of depth. I believe that Sigur Rós was trying to bring on the idea that purity is within all of the living. It does not matter what someone looks like or what sets them apart from the rest of the crowd (like alien shaped heads or angelic wings), everybody comes into this world with a pure mind and soul. Despite the troubles, hardships and transformations one might go through, the gift of life in itself is a very pure and rich idea. Everyone starts this world with an Ágætis Byrjun, A Good Beginning.


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