Abortion by Philip Yeaw

1 Dec

People all over the world are outraged over the Holocaust, that six million people were brutally sought after and murdered. It does not make sense to me how people are not outraged about the constant murder happening here in America. Abortion in America has risen to such magnitude that it sends waves and waves of anger through my bones. However you want to look at it, abortion is murder. The moment a cell, whether it is one cell or multiple cells formed in the womb, has the ability reproduce; that is the moment it is “living.” This is the scientific definition of life. People should be smart enough to know that sex makes babies. That if the intercourse causes pregnancy it is your fault, you cannot take it out on the baby and just kill him/her. That baby did nothing wrong, the baby is innocent. I do not care if you are Chrstian, Catholic, Muslim, atheist, or Mormon, it does not matter. Murdering babies is not the solution to anything. If the woman that is pregnant was raped, then that could be dismissed, still wrong, but should be allowed under such circumstances.

If you do not want the possibility of having a baby, then do not have sex. Lets just say you are stupid enough to do it any way, you can give birth to the baby, take it to the closest police station or fire station and drop the baby off at the counter no questions asked. The stations will then make sure that baby is put into proper care. So killing the baby is not the answer. Unless you were raped, you cannot argue this. Once pregnant, it is your responsibility to ensure that baby’s good health and healthy birth.

Abortion is a continuing nationwide problem that should be dealt with immediately. Abortion should be outlawed, excusing rape pregnancies. This nation is responsible for more deaths than any war, more deaths than Hitler was responsible for. Far more than six million humans were murdered and are still being killed today right here in the United States of America. As a nation we should look at the log in our eyes before judging other nations for the things they do to their people or in wars.


2 Responses to “Abortion by Philip Yeaw”

  1. Aubree Espinoza December 1, 2012 at 11:50 pm #

    Wow. This entry really amazed me. I’m glad you think this way, about abortion. You make clear points and its easy to understand. You know what you are talking about and it’s amazing they way you wrote about. It’s good seeing men write about these kinds of topics, because its not easy.

  2. Emily Frazier December 3, 2012 at 4:23 am #

    Although you make some excellent points, and it is true that you should enter a sexual relationship with the knowledge that pregnancy could happen, and the best way to prevent it is to stay abstinent in the first place. However i believe the choice lies with the individual. I do not agree that life starts at conception, for a zygote does not have a brain, nor a heartbeat. Pregnancy takes a harsh toll on a woman’s body, and if they are not ready to go through the physcial and mental trauma of carrying and delivering a baby, they should not have to. I also dont understand when you say it should be allowed for rape victims exclusively. Raped or not, the conception itself is the same, and the fetal stages are the same, so an abortion is the same. If youre going to outlaw abortion, you have to go either or, and not make exceptions.

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