A Weekend Getaway by Nathan Brown

1 Dec

Saturday night, I took my girlfriend on a date to my favorite restaurant, Shanghai Pine Garden.  For weeks now, I have been saying how great the food is at this restaurant, but it is all the way down on balboa island.  For years now, my family has gone to this restaurant, and it continues to be my favorite chinese food restaurant.  This weekend, I came to the conclusion that I needed to give my girlfriend the same opportunity to enjoy the mouthwatering food that they have.  As I used to live in Corona del Mar, my family and I would eat at Shanghai Pine Garden religiously, and I would always order chicken lo mien with no vegetables and steamed rice, as I did this time as well.  My girlfriend decided to order the garlic chicken which came with a bowl of wonton soup, an egg roll, and fried rice.  The service at the restaurant is outstanding, as we were served our food nearly 10 minutes after ordering.  I devoured my food soon after getting it, as I was starving.  I was pleased to soon find out that my girlfriend enjoyed my restaurant just as much as I did.  After leaving dinner, we decided to venture to Fashion Island to kill a little time there and enjoy our night together.  As most of the stores were closed by this time, we decided to shop at Macy’s.  We wandered the store, searching for clothes, but were unlucky and found nothing that we were excited about buying.  We continued our shopping adventure by next shopping at Urban Outfitters.  Here we were successful in finding two shirts and a pair of shorts that she would enjoy wearing.  As we paid and left, I was full of joy as our date was successful.


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