2012 Elections by Sophia Chiavatti

1 Dec
The 2012 presidential elections are slowly approaching, and before we know it, it will be here. The winner of this race will be unknown until Nov 6, everyone is anxiously waiting to know the outcome. People can make predictions but there is no sure winner at the moment because all the changes that have occurred in America in the last four years; the country is unsure of their presidential choice. There are a few topic matters that voters are taking into consideration when voting. However, many people are more concerned about certain groups voting. There is an increase concern about immigration. Many people believe immigration will have a large impact on the poles. In 2000, 35 million Latinos migrated to the US, twelve years later, the number has gone up to 50 million. Even though the Latino population is large, there are doubts that majority of them will turn up to vote.
            In 2008, abot half of the eligible Latino voters did not even bother to vote in that presidential election. Though the Latino population is a fast-growing group in America, the numbers of Latino voters is not rising quickly due to their low enthusiasm toward voting. In 2008, the Latin American voter registration was up to 11.6 million, however in 2010 it was 10.9 million. But, the number of eligible Latino voters has risen up to 21.7 million.  Research shows that in 2013 17.6% of young Latino voters, under 30 that were eligible to vote voted.
            In the 20014 Presidential elections, George W. Bush got 40% of the Latino votes, and John McCain captured 31%. In the upcoming election Obama, at the moment, has 67% of the Latino vote while Romney has 23% of Latino Vote. A factor that might cause Romney to have a low following is that he started off by vowing to block illegal immigration. He suggested ideas to stop illegal immigrants from getting jobs and benefits so they would deport themselves. This harsh movement has turned Latino voters to Obama’s side. In addition Obama is winning Latino votes because he is trying to pass a law that states minors who immigrate illegally can stay and have a chance at becoming a legal citizen. But with 1.4 million deportations of illegal immigrants and 10.3% of unemployed Latinos under Obama’s first term, many believe he will not be able to win if the Latino votes. According to Can Obama Hold On to the Latino Vote?, Obama needs to have at least65% of the Latino vote in order to win this presidential race.
            In my opinion, I believe Romney, would help America more than Obama on the topic of immigration. One concern I have with immigration is why it is okay for illegal minor immigrants to stay here, but not illegal elderly immigrants? In history, there has been times, when the U.S. put limits on immigration and as a result, the economy gradually started going up. Setting a control on immigration mi9ght help our economy today, and I believe that Romney has this vision on this topic. I do not see Obama having this belief because he seems to more focusing on winning voters in the Latino community to win this election. He does not seem to see the long term on this controversial topic.

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